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Journal (pp 1-4)

(pp 1-4)

7th of Mardal, 28 Sammath Rex, 982 since the Founding. —

I find myself in Krallow, a town with pretensions to class and with true ties to trade. Used the last of my silver pieces to rent a small room and bath in a better, but not good, part of town. I will use the balance to attempt to find employ. I really would rather not convert one of my remaining gems at this time.

9th Mardal —

At least food is cheap. The duel ring afforded a few silver until the promoters realized I could beat the local thugs with ease. If no one will challenge, there is no money to be made. Still, 15 silver will last me for a while and buy some clothing which will gain me entry to the upper class here. I am sure there is *someone* who feels threatened and who wants a bodyguard.

11th Mardal —

There is someone. I have moved my lodgings to the Crown and Anchor, a tavern frequented by the younger set when they are pretending to be “common”. Andrew Marat is one of the “leaders” of these groups. After some drink he confided in me that he is in fear of his life due to the matter of the succession of his father, Count Marat. I suggested that he could hire me at a reasonable rate, in return for introduction to “society” as a younger son and (of course) payment of my expenses. He agreed.

12th Mardal.
Purchased from Alexander Crofts, Esq. one poison detection amulet. Tested it myself with blind samples from my bag. Amazingly enough, it actually works. The Grand Ball is to be held on 17 Mardal. Andrew is very concerned by it. He “must” attend. I will attend with him.

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