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Journal (pp 5-7)

12th Mardal late. Might even be 13thn Mardal by now. Spent most of the evenng drinking with Andrew and his associates. Mostly drunk out. It’s a good deal I only have to walk up. Advantge of this job free drinks. Disadvntage only somtimes.

13th Mardal – – morning.
It turns out that Andrew needs me to not be obviously a bodyguard. If his father found out he’d hired a professional it would mean trouble. It was a measure of his fear that he hired me at all. I will have to think of a way to find out if he really does have enemies.
No hangover this morning, which is nice. I wonder if there is any way to send a bottle of that fruit wine to Joan.
I’m sure there is. There have to be people who know how to control the gates between the worlds. Mayhap when I am free of entanglements I will talk with some of the mages in the capitol. There? not going to be anyone in this town who can answer my questions.

13th Mardal
Spent most of the day at the tailor?. The Grand Ball is to be a Costume Ball of some magnificence. If I am to properly represent Andrew I must not only dress well, but present a Costume as well. Andrew has decided that I will be Death, since his costume will be The Shepherd and his current light of love, Roxanne, will be the Shepherdess. This will give me a good reason (within the framework of the Ball) to shadow them, since Death must always haunt True Love. Such proximity is necessary since he fears that his food will be poisoned by one of his younger brothers who seeks to inherit.

A most strange system. Amongst the upper classes, which include most definitely the Marats, inheritance is total, and vigorously contested. In addition when the elder of the family passes his 60th birthday he must pass on the family fortune and control. Most, of course, do not live that long. Phillip Marat, Andrew’s father, is approaching that age. In fact, he intends to announce his stepping down as of 20 Mardal.

He has had 7 children. Andrew is the third. He was happily resigned to a pension when accident took his eldest brother, and his next eldest died under unusual circumstances. (Andrew was not forthcoming with details as to how unusual it was, but he was convinced that Raymond, his father’s 5th child, was responsible. For some reason he seems to have no fear of his sisters, Emily, number 4 or Rosanne, number 6.)

I guess that if that were the way we had done it back at home I would have trusted Joan. She always did have the welfare of the lands in mind more than herself. I am glad that King Robert allowed her to stay on as castellan. At least with her there our people will be somewhat protected.

At any rate I suppose all brothers trust their sisters in some ways.

The costume for Death is going to take four fittings. Two tomorrow and one each on the 16th and the 17th. The wings will be the hardest part.

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